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United States Design Patent D607,986S
Altered Decor Preserved Rose Flower Reed
HOME FRAGRANCE HAS NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD!®, an exclusive brand of Altered Decor, was named after my great Aunt Rose. Her love of fresh cut flowers and my allergies to them led to the creation of our flower reed diffusers. By combining real roses that have been preserved with the fragrance delivery of a reed diffuser I created a home fragrance product that looked as good as it smelled. The design was so unique that the US government issued me a design patent!

Our beautiful preserved rose reed diffusers allow you to decorate and scent your home with one product. Our patented design and long-lasting fragrance make® Flower Reed Diffusers the most unique home fragrance product you can buy. They also make great birthday, bridesmaid or housewarming gifts.


Step up your home fragrance game with® Flower Reed Diffusers.

Interested in pairing your fragrance oil with our preserved rose flower reeds? Just reach out!

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