Delrado Potted Bear's Paw

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Potted Bear's Paw in Delrado Pot

Soft Kalanchoe Panda Plan potted in a handmade terracotta pot.

Panda Plant- Look out, lovers of fuzzed-out succulents. The texturally lovable Cotyledon ladismithiensis will raise the hairs on your arms...or heart. Several "teeth" at the apex of each fleshy, fuzzy leaf give the appearance of bear paws. Clusters of bell-shaped yellowish-orange flowers come in late spring. Water with caution in the winter. It can lose roots if the soil stays cold and wet for too long. Desirable as a complement to aloes or classic rose-shaped succulents like echeverias in a dish garden, or in a rock garden in temperate climates.

Delrado Pot - The Delrado Pot is handmade from terracotta and hand-glazed for a textured patterned look, and features a clean silhouette with a subtle footed design. Dimensions: 4.25" x 4.25" x 3.50"

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