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Luxury Reed Diffuser Kit

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Luxury Home Fragrance Reed Diffuser

Modern luxury reed diffuser. No bleed, no flip black fiber reeds paired with a sleek chrome tipped glass vase and our popular diffuser oil fragrance.

This reed diffuser will stand out in any home decor. Place on a desk in your office, vanity in the bedroom or as beautiful fragrant accent in your bathroom.

  • Bloom - This is a light floral rose fragrance. A little bit sweet, not heavy or "perfumy". Surround yourself with the uplifting fragrance of a rose garden.
  • Fluff & Fold – The fragrance that is left behind after the laundry Fairey fluffs and folds your lined-dried towels. A fresh clean fragrance with notes of cotton blossoms, powder, sandalwood, and a hint of lemon.
  • La Mer Noire – This oceanic fragrance takes you deep into the unchartered waters of the Black Sea. The top notes of sea salt, citrus, and a hint of sultry florals get interrupted by the deep mysterious base notes of amber and tonka.
  • My Sexy Ex – The scent may linger on a hoodie or a silk scarf still in your possession even though the ex is long gone. Yes, we have unapologetically bottled the one thing you might miss about your Sexy Ex. This fragrance is a sensual blend of citrus, lavender, sage, oakmoss, and amber.
  • Mi Irie – Turn up the reggae and let the juicy fruits, yummy rum, and creamy coconut scents transport you to Jamaica. This delicious blend of pineapple, tangerine, and orange with coconut, sugar, and rum will have you feeling Irie.
  • Cashmere – A warm luxurious fragrance that envelopes your home like a giant cashmere blanket. This sophisticated fragrance starts with the complex citrus, and floral notes of bergamot that are balanced against the earthiness of cedar and patchouli, finished with warm amber.
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