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Peperomia Graveolens Ruby Glow

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Peperomia Graveolens Ruby Glow is native to southern Ecuador and well-known in two subpopulations – firstly in the Oña river and secondly in the Loja province. The plant is a mini shrub growing about 10” inches in height. Growing indoors plants may grow taller as they stretch for light. Peperomia graveolens sprouts gleaming red stems in wine red color and has succulent leaves, which are also wine red shade except for the upper part of the plant where it has a transparent v-shaped ‘window’ that allows the process of photosynthesis. It seems like powdery lime green in color to the naked eye, and usually grows up to 3″ inches in height. The Peperomia graveolens flower grows on the long stems of the plant and are rather tiny. They have no real scent and are in the shade of yellowish white. However, “graveolens” means bad smelling. Get your nose close enough and you may get a whiff of a faint unpleasant odor. Graveolens peperomia grows easily under bright light, but does best when placed away from direct sunlight. The best location for Ruby Glow peperomia is indoors near a window facing east or north. It also thrives when growing under fluorescent plant grow lights. Water Peperomia graveolens moderately but be consistent with watering when the plant is growing. Water so the soil gets moist but is not soggy. When watering, make sure that the first inch of the soil of Peperomia Ruby Glow dries out before watering more. Decrease the watering in the winter months.
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