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Planter with Saucer 12"

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Brand: Solid Goods

Great design can be identified as stuff that’s so good, it blows your mind to think of when it never existed before. And while we’re not claiming to have invented the idea of a 12” ceramic cylinder paired with a saucer, made out of stoneware, we are making the bold claim to have made it at a price that’s fair in a design that’s functional and a size that’s perfect. Our high-fired ceramics are so enduring and timeless that if some robot-slash-archeologist in 2321 ever unearthed a Solid Goods planter, they would call it an artifact, stick it in their museums and recognize it as good design too. Plant it, love it and cherish it.


12” diameter
12.5” interior diameter
13.5” tall
11.5” interior height
26 lbs in weight


  • Cylinder with drain hole paired with a deep dish saucer to allow for drainage and catch any drips
  • Nonporous high-fire porcelain ceramic
  • Fully glazed inside and out with an attractive matte finish
  • Conveniently sized to fit nursery pots
  • Solid construction and enduring handcrafted quality
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