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Pothos Satin

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These beautiful vining plants are a great choice for beginners. They have a matte like texture and feel a bit velvety to touch, hence the common name Satin. Scindapsus pictus is commonly sold in the market as a Satin pothos or Silver philodendron, but it's neither a pothos or a philodendron. They are all cousins and belong to the same genus though. The one with large heart-shaped leaves is 'Exotica' and the smaller one is 'Argyraeus', although to avoid confusion since most places sell them as Satin pothos we have also decided to retain that name. Care and Maintenance This plant is very tolerant and abuse-resistant. It can handle low-medium light but the variegation shows best in bright light. Keep it away from direct sun and water once the top soil is dry. This plant is not safe for pets.
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