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Quasar Vase

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Brand: Chive
Our Quasar modern Blue vase is our favorite, the Amber a close second. As with all designer glass vases it is a very heavy and substantial piece. A giant Coral Peony in the Quasar modern blue vase is the best flower to use as the blue of the vessel beautifully picks up the hues of the pinks and oranges in the flower. Agapanthus, Nerine Lilies, Hydrangea, and Gerber Daisies also all look great in Quasar. As with all of our designer glass vases each will be slightly different than the next because each is hand crafted for perfection. To make the Quasar vase, we have to slowly fold the lip back onto the vase and it is more than time consuming, but well worth the end result. What we really like about this piece is that it blends both a modern and traditional aesthetic which makes it very easy to fit into any home. The Quasar vase is available in two sizes (Small and Large) and two colors (Blue and Amber). The Small Quasar is 4.5" in diameter and 3.2" tall. The Large Quasar is 7" in diameter and 4.5" tall.
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