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Sansevieria Futura Superba

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Snake Plant Futura Superba has beautifully variegated foliage that reaches a maximum of about 24 inches. It stays fairly compact, and growth is near vertical without branching. Pups, or new Snake Plant Futura Superba pups appear in the same container as the mother plant and are sent out on runners underground. These new plants can be split and divided to yield new small pups that can be planted in their own container. Snake Plants are very slow growing, and handle extremely low light conditions. These plants do extremely well in offices or buildings where they can live away from windows or natural light. They are frequently found in atriums indoors as they pair well with many different plants and add a vertical element to mixed containers. They can be moved outdoors during the summer months and into part sun as long as they are transitioned to handle higher levels of light. Snake Plant Futura Superba do not require very much water, and do well in small spaces.
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