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Sansevieria Winter Green

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Sansevieria Wintergreen Snake Plant has mottled dark and green narrow lanceolate waxy-textured leaves. It is a natural mutation of the Bantel Sensation. It has an erect, cylindrical growth habit and can grow quite tall. It is an excellent plant for purifying the air and removing toxins from indoor environments. Bold, upright dark green leaves with wavy silver-green markings. Our darkest Mother-in-law’s tongue is also our tallest, growing up to 3’ with narrow upward pointing leaves marked with gray-green wavy bands on a deeper green background. Color is darker, almost black, in lower light levels, and tends to be more pronounced on newer foliage. One of the very easiest houseplants you can grow, sansevieria practically thrives on neglect. Prefers indirect medium to low light. Allow to dry between watering. Plants benefit from having their leaves wiped down periodically.
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