Solid Good 15" Pot

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If you call and ask us for “the big one,” we know you’re asking about our 15” Ceramic Cylinder Planter. Only the best and most luxurious option for you it seems. But because porcelain ceramic’s origins begin with clay, a decidedly humble material of the earth, this planter will always be approachably cool and never flashy despite its “look-at-me” size. Standing tall at over a foot high and clocking in at 31 pounds, this planter means business and is designed with big houseplants in mind—everything from Fiddle Leaf Figs to Ficuses will work here. (Or is it Fici? Why is the plural of Ficus so hard?) Anyways, all of this is to say that this planter is BIG ya’ll. But you know what, if you got it, flaunt it. And this planter is the perfect place to show off your prize plants in. DIMENSIONS 17” diameter 15.25” tall 14.5” interior height 15.75” interior width 31 lbs in weight FEATURES Nonporous high-fire porcelain ceramic planter Fully glazed inside and out with an attractive matte finish Conveniently sized to fi
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