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Sunny Side Soap

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All-Natural, Organic Soaps Handcrafted with Care by San Diego Homeless Youth

Start your day on the Sunny Side!

With a tart and citrusy hint of lemongrass, our Sunny Side soap adds a little calendula for an anti-inflammatory and healing touch to this refreshing and rehydrating soap. Our softening oils, including avocado and coconut, will soothe dry skin and your heart, too – because proceeds from the sale of this soap go to help teens and young adults transition off the streets.

Using a traditional, small-batch cold process, Sunny Side is handcrafted with all-natural ingredients that exfoliate and hydrate, making this soap a great choice for anyone who wants to wake up refreshed and ready for the day’s adventures.

When you buy our Sunny Side soap, your dollars go towards helping homeless youth transition into sustainable jobs and living situations. Our all-natural and organic soaps are made with equal parts artistry and chemistry, lending a hand to learning valuable skills and worthwhile experiences for our artisans who are headed towards brighter futures.

A Sensory Experience

  • 8 West’s premium, handcrafted soaps provide deep hydration with long-lasting moisturizing and anti-aging elements
  • Our cold process completely preserves the luxurious natural and essential oils, intensifying the fragrance of our carefully-selected natural extracts
  • The end result is amazingly silky soap that draws impurities from the skin, softens even the roughest patches, and gently cleanses the face and body

Our soaps are handcrafted using the traditional small-batch, cold-press process that has been passed down through generations to create the highest quality soap for ultimate hydration. Our process doesn’t involve high temperatures in order to cure the bars. It’s a technique known to be one of the best ways to preserve a soap’s natural, premium ingredients, resulting in an extremely soft finish and the ability to allow more artistic effects in each bar’s unique aesthetics.

Since 2008, the volunteers of Urban Street Angels have been walking the streets, parks, and beaches in our community, providing homeless youth with meals, water, hygiene kits, socks, sleeping bags, backpacks, and referrals to community resources. The goal of Urban Street Angels is to help homeless youth establish a foothold that gets them off the streets. We’ve learned that disrupting the pathway to chronic homelessness with innovative, sustainable solutions is the key.

In 2015, we launched 8 West as a job training program paired with the Urban Street Angels’ supportive housing program. Based on our evidence-based practice, featuring a harm reduction model with trauma-informed care, 8 West provides transitional employment opportunities in our social enterprise startup. Above all else, 8 West provides the critical solutions our community needs to help end youth homelessness with a #HandUp.

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