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Wood Bowl Candle, Hand-Carved in Peru, Natural Wax

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Discover the magical scents of Peru’s unique landscapes, poured into hand-carved Peruvian gourd container. Each candle directly supports ‘Casa de Luz’ (House of Light), a non-profit organization located in the hillsides of the poorest districts in Lima. It is here, where each gourd is hand-carved, based on the indigenous principles and craftsmanship that has been shared over generations of Peruvians. Once the carving process is completed, we carefully hand-pour every candle in California, using our premium quality wax and aroma oils. Every candle is a one-of-a-kind-item that slightly varies in size and shape, your gourd candle will contain at least 14oz of wax and should burn for about 100 hours. Each candle highlights Peru’s diverse landscapes from coastlines to deserts, to rainforests, mountains and volcanoes: The Ocean: Ocean Rain, Grapefruit, Jasmine The Rainforest: Fresh Rain, Mangosteen, Citrus The Andes: Sandalwood paired with Coconut
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