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Prior to retiring in San Diego, my mother, KitKat, spent the last 17 years working with survivors of domestic violence in Philadelphia. She spent countless hours working in shelters, being a legal advocate in court, and a friend to the women survivors. Since moving to San Diego, KitKat is volunteering with the Rescue Mission and 4Girls Organization.

My calling to serve only came a few years ago. Years of working in IT and the renewed push for female equality drove my desire to help empower young women. I was fortunate enough to connect with the 4Girls Organization out of Long Beach California. 4Girls was started by Claudia Copley with a mission to help girls find their voice and strength early in their life.  My goal is to start a San Diego 4Girls chapter. 

You can also support 4Girls with a donation. It only takes $125 to sponsor a young lady for the yearly 2-day empowerment workshop in Long Beach, CA.

The 2020 Empowerment Workshop will feature guest speaker Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt.  The theme, Bold.

The Mission of 4Girls


To inspire and empower middle school girls to identify themselves as authentic, confident, and resilient, preparing them for real-life success.

Through our annual workshops and ongoing empowerment events in between workshops, 4GIRLS teaches middle school girls new skills that encourage and motivate them to make good choices for real-life success. The 4GIRLS workshop brings together a cross-section of middle school girls for a weekend of inspiration and gives them an opportunity to thrive.

All 4GIRLS programs are offered at no cost to the girls and provide a safe place for them to accept and appreciate themselves for who they are and discover their potential. learn more