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2020 Reality Check!

KitKat and I had big plans for Altered Decor kicking off 2020. This blog was one of them. It is crazy to think that it is May and we are writing our first 2020 blog post. We had a few things like an apartment flooding and a pandemic that distracted us a bit!

Before we get to the flood and the pandemic lets take care of some of the overdue home decor housekeeping items.

2020 Pantone Color of the Year - Classic Blue

2020 Flower of the Year - Gerber Daisy

2020 Design Trends: According to Elle Decor mixing old & new furniture, dark painted doors, earth tones, and rattan & wicker are all IN design trends.

January 2020 started with the usual goal setting for Altered Decor. Adding live plants, new designs for the reed diffusers, redesign the store with outdoor furniture and attending the Las Vegas market in search of cool new products and suppliers.

We'll all of that was delayed for various reasons, including the flooding of our apartment on February 1st. We did not move back in until March 13th and well as you know we "shuttered in place" aka Quarantined shortly after that!

That gave KitKat and I time to purge and redesign. Here a couple of items that have made moving back in easier.

If you get "hangxiety" at the thought of hanging anything on your walls then you will enjoy High & Mighty tool-free Wall Hangers. Some have built-in levels for bigger heavier pictures! We found them at Home Depot and Amazon.

Moving from two separate apartments into one apartment requires a lot of organization. I discovered Yamazaki Home products when I was looking for a creative way to display our rug samples. They design clean simple products for every room of your home. We've added a few of our favorites to Altered Decor.

More to share next time. Let us know what you want to hear from us.


KitKat & Shelle

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